Know The Ideal peptide Hormone And Its Use

Know The Ideal peptide Hormone And Its Use

There is a wide range of peptides in the market. There are some that you will find in shampoo and even body lotions. However, just as there are tens of amino acids which have varying functions so are peptides. A peptide is simply a short but a large molecule of an amino acid which can chemically bind with another molecule. Depending on the size of these molecules, they can be referred to as a protein or a peptide.

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Understanding peptide hormones

Basically, peptide hormones are proteins and are a sequence of amino acids is needed to form them. These are quite different from steroids which are fat based and which are formed based on cholesterol. The peptides are responsible for many physical functions of the human body including and not limited to growth, repair of damaged body parts and making the body masculine. In the recent past, health experts have shown that these compounds can be used to help in weight loss and growth.

Types of hormones based n peptides

GHRP–6 – GHRP stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide. This is a growth hormone secretagogue and is a good stimulator for the body to produce its own HGH. It has been established in several quarters that it is a ghrelin receptor. It also seems to act as a protector of some body tissues as well as acting as an anti-inflation agent. Once you take this peptide, your appetite rises.

CJC-1295 – This is a GHRH hormone which helps in stimulating the pituitary gland and also to help in the secretion of the GH and the IGH-1. While maintaining a high concentration of HGH, it will help keep the levels of prolactin low. It normally has a half-life of between 7 and 10 days.

GHRP-2 – This is a hormone secretagogue. It acts as the body’s stimulant to HGH. It also acts as a protective agent for some tissues and also has some anti-inflammatory effects. The half-life of this hormone is 20 minutes which then means you should have several doses in a day.

IGF-1 des – Basically, this is the analogous IGH-1 but with the last three amino acids removed. This makes the peptide have a stronger protein binding effect, hence making it about 10 times more potent than the normal IGH-1. The half-life of this hormone is just 20 minutes.

IGH-1 LR3 – This is still the normal IGH-1. However, it comes with a 13 amino acid at the N-th extension. By adding this amino acid, the hormone half-life extends from a mere 20 minutes to around 24 hours.


The good thing about a peptide is that everything revolves around the IGH-1 or HGH. In short, you needn’t understand each and every hormone to the last detail. Just grab the basics about peptides and you will be fine. Basically, peptides will work as an HGH releaser or IGH-1 converter. It can also be an IGH-1 analogue which serves as a tissue repair as well as an anti-inflammatory agent.