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Contoso Energy Demo

In this demo you will see how the data aggregation capabilities and rich visualizations of Power View can help users examine an oil and gas business – Contoso - to determine where they can streamline operations through adjustments to gas and oil production.

Microsoft SQL Server Demo Team | Oct 21, 2011

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Automotive Sales Demo

The world of automotive sales is highly competitive – even more so in today’s tough economy. Now more than ever, auto dealerships have to be sure that the cars on their lots are the ones their customers want to buy. This demo illustrates how Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solution helps auto dealers answer this key question by analyzing customer spending patterns in correlation to increases in gas prices – allowing them to see if/how gas prices affect what types of cars their customers are buying. In this demo, Power View allows the car dealer to bring together cloud (syndicated) data and combine it with on-premise data from their own dealership systems, to provide users a single semantic model and to create a rich and compelling visualization that provides the insights they need to answer this critical set of business questions.

Microsoft SQL Server Demo Team | Oct 21, 2011

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Contoso School District Demo

Understanding over-arching patterns in student behavior – and whether there are any consistent patterns or drivers of that behavior - can be a tremendous asset for school district administrators and educators. Does gender or age, for example, exert a major influence over specific behaviors? This demo illustrates using Power View’s visualization capabilities on top of education data to observe how students are behaving in the Contoso School district.

Microsoft SQL Server Demo Team | Oct 21, 2011

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Telco Product Mix Demo

Understanding profitability by customer, and the major drivers of that profitability, is fundamental to succeeding in the Telecommunication industry. To show how Power View can help businesses in this sector better understand key success drivers, we’ve taken the customer profitability spreadsheet from the “demo image X” environment and created a demo script for SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Power View. This demo will walk you through upgrading an Excel Workbook to PowerPivot in SQL Server Reporting Services 2012,, importing that workbook as a Tabular model in SQL Server Analysis Services, and then using Power View to create some reports that help deliver key business insights.

Microsoft SQL Server Demo Team | Oct 21, 2011

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